Any of these rounds can be made into a large hole bead!

Just click on the set you like to see a bigger picture and details. If you want any of these sets made into another shape, just ask.

after the rain $14.95

sea breeze $17.95

salute $23.95

Raku Peaches
Raku & Peaches



sea biscuit $26.95

strawberry supreme $17.95

tropical twist $21.00

Luscious Blue
Luscious Blue $21.95

turquoise leaves $20.95

Going To The Chapel $35.95

Southwest Petites $24.95


Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum $21.95

Blueberry Rounds $14.95

Clam Shell $27.00

Amarillo $27.00

Berry Delightful $21.95


Pink Firenze S17.95

Wild Things 27.00

shadow dances $20.95


Click here for larger picture
Vibrant Garden $21.95

Spring Breeze $21.00

Click here for larger image
Jagged Beauty $21.95

6 oceans edge $17.95

10 oceans edge $29.95

Click here for larger image
Soft Touch $21.95
  Summer Strawberry Rounds
Summer Strawberry Rounds
Sage Rounds
Sage Rounds $21.95