We now have this is 4 sizes!   20mm, 17mm 15mm, and 12mm       This is a side view.

Nuggets are different from the squares in that they are squeezed toward the outside, so , in essence, they taper outward. They have a more shallow curve and a straight wall going all the way around, making them a bit chunky.

It measures 21-22 mm from hole to hole, which in this picture is top to bottom, so you could say it's a bit rectangular.

If you purchase another set of beads in a different style than shown ,and would like nuggets to match , please let us know.

We have Nuggets in 4 sizes: 20mm, 17mm, 15mm, and 12mm

Nugget prices: 20 mm: 4.50

                           17 mm : 3.50

                         15mm: 3.00

                         12mm: 2.75

Twilight Blush
Kimono Plum
Deep Forest


Deep green-blue glass!!!

Blueberry Thicket
$4.50 (21mm)


Black Raspberry
$4.50 (21mm)


After Midnight

 $4.50 (21mm)


Long Island
$4.50 (21mm)


Serene Waters
$4.50 (21mm)


Red Dragon

$4.50 (21mm)



Mountain Stream Nugget


Full Swing


Spanish Moss

Raku Impressions

Sunlight and Shadows

At a Glance

Aquarius Gold

In the Sky


Silvered Allagash

Oceans Away




Czar Blue Starshine



Black Starshine


Deep Blue Starshine


Blue Wave