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We are now making large hole beads for Pandora and Troll Bracelets! Any of the designs on other pages, can be created for Troll or Pandora Bracelets. What we need from you when you email us your order, is the name of the design and the fact that you want it for a Troll or Pandora Bead bracelet. Each Large Hole bead is $10.00. Silver beads sell 3- $10.00 .

email: laura@sunrisebeads or randy@sunrisebeads  with your order

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We have created hundreds of sets of lamp work glass beads over the last few years for you to feast your eyes on. We hope you find something you like! Feel free to browse and learn about us! Once you open a page and find a set you like, click on the link and it will take you to a page that features a larger picture of that set. If a payment link is not available, email us and Randy will set one up ASAP.  You may order through our cart or send us an email with a list of the bead names. We'll send you a total. Send us an email if you have any questions. Please remember that this website is a work in progress.

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Lampworking is the ancient technique of melting glass in an oil lamp and winding it around wires to form beads. After the beads cooled, the wire was removed with acids leaving a hole on which to string the bead. Today, Lampworking is still very similar to Ancient works. We melt glass rods with a Minor Burner (instead of an oil lamp) and wrap the molten glass around stainless steel rods coated with a bead release. When the beads are finished in the torch, they are placed into a glass annealer, or kiln,  to cool them slowly which prevents thermal shock, breaking, and cracking.



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